Unburden yourself.  Speak with an understanding, trained volunteer who will listen and provide guidance.  Our helpline number is (416) 742-0090. All calls are strictly confidential.


Your Home Away From Home !

Come check out our centrally located office. Our library is stocked with informative and inspiring books and cd’s. We have internet stations where you can browse online for information. Walk-ins Welcome! Call us for office hours.

Rabbinical Support

We can refer you to a qualified Orthodox Rabbi who is well versed in the halachot of infertility.

Friend-to-Friend Network

Sharing your experiences with someone who is going through similar challenges will help you feel understood and validated. Small Wonders can connect you with a peer so that you can be there for each other. Many deep relationships have formed as a result.

Emotional Support and Counseling

Sharing your experiences with others can be very helpful. A support group can be an integral part of emotional healing. Small Wonders has a team of qualified therapists who can give you the coping skills needed to get through your challenging times.

Phone Support Groups

Check back soon for an updated schedule.


Small Wonders organizes get togethers where you can meet other couples, relax and enjoy.  Always in a warm atmosphere.