Financial Support

Funding Support

Fertility treatments can be a huge financial burden on a couple trying to conceive. Financial assistance is available for couples who are eligible. Each case will be individually assessed in a confidential manner. Assistance in navigating the Ontario Health Care System is available as well.

Application form

The application is available online, simply click application form.  The form can be completed online and submitted electronically or if you prefer you can print the form, scan it and e-mail it to support@localhost or fax the completed form to The Small Wonders office at 416-398-7718.

Certain guidelines may have to be met in accordance with Jewish Law. Please contact Denise Levin, Couples Director for further information at: 416-742-0090

We are here for you if you need any assistance filling out the form. Please call Denise Levin to request a meeting or with any questions you need answered.