Dear Small Wonders,

We want to tell you thank you, but can’t find the words to express with pen and paper all our feelings of appreciation to you for helping us so generously with our fertility treatment. May you be blessed with a sweet and happy year filled with health and nachas from your families. You should always be able to bring joy and happiness to others.

Dear Small Wonders,

We wanted let you know just how grateful we are for all you have done for us. We are so appreciative of all the time, effort, phone calls, advice, and financial assistance you have given us. Thank you. We wish you everything, the best brachot, health, and happiness. Your life should be filled with many good things in your life. We hope to be able to share good news with you very soon!

Dear Small Wonders,

We don’t have enough words to express the gratitude that is in our hearts. You beautiful people really understand how painful the whole process of infertility is and how draining it can be in every way. You are a tremendous organization that has helped us over and over again with our gruelling fertility treatments – financially, halachically and emotionally. It has been so amazing to have an organization that not only is empathic to our situation but that can help us so dramatically with our needs. We are so tremendously grateful for your dedication, assistance and unending kindness. With all our gratitude and appreciation.

Dear Small Wonders,

Thank you for being patient with us this month. We hope we no longer need the assistance of Small Wonders, but if we do…..it’s nice to know that you are there to help.

Good Afternoon,

My name is xxxxxxx and I had the wonderful privilege of getting to know the organization Small Wonders and Denise Levin. I only have the utmost wonderful things to say about the organization and Denise as a director and more importantly a human being. I felt supported and respected throughout the entire process. I felt like this was one avenue throughout my difficulties that was not a difficult process for me to encounter. The organization is a God-sent to my husband and me. I am so unbelievably appreciative and grateful for all the supports that Small Wonders has assisted us with. I know that fertility hurdles are not easy to endure; however, this organization was one small glimmer of hope and support that I can never forget. I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Denise and the Small Wonders Team,

We would like to thank you for 1) creating an organization such as Small Wonders to help couples like us, 2) your generosity and support to help us achieve our dream of building a family. I loved learning with Rifka and found her to be understanding and comforting (and of course incredibly knowledgeable and fun!)

One never wants to be in this situation, but if you can’t change it, it is so wonderful to have the support.

Thank you.

Dear Small Wonders,

I just wanted to let you know that (our peer to peer support person) and I finally got in touch tonight. We had a great conversation and as positive as I was before, I think she actually opened my eyes to look at it from another angle.

To realize that as much as a struggle as this whole thing is, it’s not necessarily a negative struggle. My husband and I are building an even better relationship than we already had. We are learning what it really means to be supportive of each other. We will do whatever we need to do, but in the mean time we will enjoy life together.

Whenever we are meant to be blessed with children… But I do have faith that it will happen.

Thank you again for everything.


Dear Denise and Small Wonders,

Words cannot adequately express our feelings of gratitude. Thank you for being there for us throughout our journey, both financially and emotionally.

Your help and support enabled us to pursue the necessary treatment, what with the help of Hashem has brought us to where we are, B”H.

May Hashem reward you and may this be a zechut for you and your families for all the brachot you need.

We look forward to staying in touch and with the help of Hashem, sharing more good news together.

Thank you and Small Wonders

for your kind wishes and for the beautiful baby bag! It will definitely come in handy. XXXX is doing well, he’s gaining weight, growing and keeping us sleep-deprived (we don’t mind so much, he’s worth it). We are forever grateful to Small Wonders for your help.