You do not need to go
through this alone


You do not need to go
through this alone


Infertility can be an overwhelming experience. We understand and are here to help with everything from providing practical answers, to connecting you with the support and resources you need for this road ahead.

Our Services


Speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable individual from the comfort of your own home.

support groups

You are not alone. Our support groups help couples feel connected to others experiencing infertility and assist with emotional healing.

Financial Support

Financial assistance is available for couples that are eligible, and each case will be assessed confidentially. We can also assist in navigating the Ontario Health Care system.

Rabbinical Support

Small Wonders will refer you to a qualified Orthodox Rabbi who is well-versed in the halachot of infertility.

Medical Referrals

We’ve researched the top fertility clinics and specialists in Toronto so that you don’t have to. We’ll even arrange and expedite appointments or offer any guidance you need.


If you require transportation or would like someone to accompany you to your appointments for support and guidance, we are happy to make those arrangements.

Shabbat near
the hospital

When a couple must be in close proximity to the hospital over Shabbat or Yom Tov, we’ll arrange accommodations and meals so you can focus on your family.

Friend to friend

Small Wonders facilitates intentional friendships because we’ve learned that sharing with someone who is going through similar challenges can help you feel understood and validated.

Nurses to Administer

Injections don’t need to be an added stress during infertility treatments. We work with an incredible group of experienced Registered Nurses so you’re in great hands.