First Annual Night of Wonder

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe the first annual Night of Wonder fundraiser, but one word that keeps coming to mind is magical. All attendees were ushered in to the beautiful home of our gracious hostess, Sarena Koschitzky. They were welcomed by our three chairs of the event, Yona Elishis, Pamela Kuhl, and Shaindy Seidenfeld, into rooms of dazzling colours, cocktails, and delectable h’orderves.

As I scanned the room, I watched everyone intensely listening as the presenters show cased the intricacies of their trade. It was so nice going to an event where one could take what they learnt and apply it to their homes. I am sure that this Shabbos, everyone’s flowers will look a tad more intricate thanks to Rivers Reid, and the table design will be a bit more eye catching thanks to the great presentation by Brendan Kwinter and Jessica Waks. The presentation by Sara Petroff and Rhonda Katz gave me the tools to be a more educated buyer of art. The last room that I went to was Home Org. with Barb Larocque and Estelle Gee. This presentation was a must for all of us. The cute and practical ideas they presented will surely help with the much needed organization in my home. In between the sessions I got to watch the Small Wonders video. All those around me were touched by the presentation. I sat next to a fertility specialist while watching the video and she told me how important an organization like Small Wonders is. Before its inception, couples had nowhere to turn and now it’s Small Wonders that brings them the rays of hope that they need.

The evening came to an end with the much anticipated raffle drawing. The prizes were claimed amongst cheers of excitement and the buzz around the room was that of a fun evening supporting a very special cause. I am looking forward to next years, Second Annual Night of Wonder.

Couples Event with Rabbi Leiff and Jan Silverman

The Small Wonder’s inaugural couples event will be one to remember. I walked into the office and a feeling of calm washed over me. The beautiful décor and the warm atmosphere of all the couples that were there calmed my initial inhibition of attending. The buffet that was set up would have made any chassan and kallah smile.
The first speaker, Jan Silverman, health educator at Women’s College, gave an uplifting speech on how to deal with comments from ones friends and family. As I looked around the room, and saw people nodding, I know that we can all take from her insightful words of wisdom. Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Leiff, Rav of Agudah of Avenue L, Brooklyn, N.Y., gave us all the chizuk that we needed. His personal touch gave the couples a chance to form a kesher with a rav that truly understands what they are feeling. Everyone around me had a smile on their face as they left and we all pledged to do this again soon. I can see how the couples of Small Wonders are becoming a family of our own. Looking forward to the next event…

Distressed? Come and Destress!

On June 28th, Small Wonders held a yoga and fertility event we called: Distressed? Come and Destress! The event was at Spynga Yoga studio and run by Sandra Callendar who over 20 years has focused on the healing science of integrative medicine and mind/body health. Sandra was personally trained by Dr. Alice Domar, of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, to lead the mind/body program for fertility. She explained how yoga has been proven to reduce stress related physical and psychological symptoms associated with infertility.

Everyone that entered the yoga studio on June 28th, was automatically transferred into a serene mood by the charming candle lit décor. Sandra Callender’s breathing techniques helped relax all that participated.

After the yoga session everyone enjoyed beautiful pastries provided by Omni. Some of our new members had a chance to mingle with some of our volunteers that attended the evening. Everyone left the event relaxed and inspired.