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Adira Greenwald presented the following about Small Wonders for Project Give Back



Most of us don’t realize what a big miracle it is to have children. How would you feel if you were so excited to be a mother and father and then found out that you were not able to have children?

My charity, Small Wonders, helps couples who can’t have children in many ways. For example, Small Wonders helps couples by sending them to the best doctors who can help them with their problems. Also, Small Wonders helps couples pay for expensive medications and procedures they need in order to be able to have children. Small Wonders also finds people for these couples to talk to who can understand their problems, so that they don’t feel sad.

I chose this charity because I love children and babies, and if couples couldn’t have children, a lot of us would not be here today.

One of the sayings in the Torah is that if you save one life, you save the world. The Torah says that because from Adam, who is only one person, came the whole world. Therefore, if one couple gets help in bringing a new baby into the world, it’s like there was a new world created.

On Pesach several years ago, my great zaydee, (my bubbies father), who was an only child, was speaking to us at the seder which was filled with 27 people, and he said, “I can’t believe that all of you came from me.” That fact connects to my charity, because if my great grand-parents couldn’t have children, the 27 people at that seder, would not be there.

I hope you learned a bit about my charity. I have tried to make a difference in the world and I hope it worked. I hope you can too.

Please donate and check out the website for Small Wonders.

Thank you for listening.

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