Canadian Infertility Awareness Week in Canada

This year, during Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, we propose an overlying theme that lends focus on Education and breaking myths about Fertility and Infertility.  At IAAC  they are concerned that the general public might not be fully aware of what impacts one’s fertility. Of particular concern, it is their wish that those of child-bearing years and younger be well informed in order to make lifestyle choices NOW that will affect their fertility for LATER.  With this in mind, they have encouraged their members, partners, patients, volunteers and special guests to contribute in whatever way they can to help them reach this goal. Check out their events calendar across Canada here:

Watch this honest reporting from the Marilyn Denis Show on CTV about infertility. Watch a couple being interviewed, and visit a fertility clinic. Ashley Howe, relationship counsellor speaks to the emotional side of the experience.  Click this link:—wednesday-april-10-2013/#clip902907


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Hello, and thank you for checking out our blog. I am Denise Levin, joining Small Wonders as Couples Director.

I am so glad that you found us here! Please check  back here often for updates and news relating to Small Wonders, and infertility.

Our current  event is our fantastic Bake Sale that is happening in only a few weeks, on May 13/2013 at the home of our gracious hostess Naomi Kutner. Be sure to check out our Facebook page under Small Wonders.

If you are experiencing infertility at any level, be sure to contact us. We offer so many services, from financial support, phone support, peer support, friend to friend networking, Rabbinical support, couples events- we even have private space carved out in our offices with internet access for you to do your research. An extensive library awaits you, and two cozy chairs near a fireplace to sit near while you read.

We are here for you! We are Small Wonders.