Distressed? Come and Destress!

On June 28th, Small Wonders held a yoga and fertility event we called: Distressed? Come and Destress! The event was at Spynga Yoga studio and run by Sandra Callendar who over 20 years has focused on the healing science of integrative medicine and mind/body health. Sandra was personally trained by Dr. Alice Domar, of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, to lead the mind/body program for fertility. She explained how yoga has been proven to reduce stress related physical and psychological symptoms associated with infertility.

Everyone that entered the yoga studio on June 28th, was automatically transferred into a serene mood by the charming candle lit décor. Sandra Callender’s breathing techniques helped relax all that participated.

After the yoga session everyone enjoyed beautiful pastries provided by Omni. Some of our new members had a chance to mingle with some of our volunteers that attended the evening. Everyone left the event relaxed and inspired.